27 Tips for a Super Bowl Tailgate Party

Tailgate Bacon Burgers

Well, if that wasn’t an exciting football season, I don’t know what is! The Eagles took the first few months of the season by storm under the lead of stud QB Carson Wentz. They were on fire and no one could stop them. Even when Wentz went down with his torn ACL, the team pulled it together and still managed to win games by the skin of their teeth with backup Nick Foles at the helm. […]

Football Game Makeup: War Paint for Your Game Day Fun

glitter game day eyes

Part of the fun of going to the tailgate party is getting all dolled up in your team colors! Your outfit is likely the easy part, from your beloved jersey down to your jeans or leggings and lucky socks. Next step, football game makeup. Teal, silver, white, and black are my go-to shades for the Eagles… but no matter what color you bleed, you can find pretty makeup to sport at your next tailgate or party. […]

Football Shaped Cookies – Chocolate Chip, Sugar, & Red Velvet

Football Shaped Cookies

What’s a tailgate party without cookies?! Football shaped cookies may be easier to make than you think! I have two kids so most of the time I really work hard to find shortcuts and ways to make my tasks as efficient as possible. A football cookie tray can be a delicious and visually impressive addition to your football tailgate or Super Bowl party. Here I bring you my favorite tips and suggestions for making football shaped […]

Cold Weather Tailgating: How to Tailgate in a Bomb Cyclone or Polar Vortex

cold weather tailgating

Tailgating in extreme winter temperatures introduced our crew to a new problem. Drinking your beer faster than it can freeze! Never before have I had to worry about how to make my beer WARMER. Admittedly, at our first true cold weather tailgate, it is probably our own fault. Scratch that – it’s probably hubby’s fault since he’s in charge of the beer while I focus on food. At any rate, do not, I repeat, DO NOT […]